8) Gianni Colombo

Spazio elastico, 1967–1968 – elastic space
Elastic cord, black light, electric motors
Dimensions variable

Bariestesia, 1974–1975
Photo documentation
Each 50 x 40 cm, gerahmt | framed
Courtesy: Archive Gianni Colombo, Mailand & Studio Maria Mulas, Mailand

A fluorescent web of threads changes the surrounding space through its movements. The room itself begins to move, constantly redefining itself and becoming “elastic space.” This 1960s spatial installation creates a unique perceptual experience. Gianni Colombo is considered one of the foremost representatives of Kinetic Art in Italy. Photos show his stepped pedestal sculpture Bariestesia, in which stairs set at varied angles of inclination disrupt the familiar spatial constellation.

* 1937 in Mailand/IT, † 1993 in Melzo/IT, lived and worked in Milan and Vienna


Location: OÖ Kulturquartier (8)

Gianni Colombo
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