9) Helga Philipp

Seating furniture, 1970 | 2019
Foam flocked
Dimensions variable

View of the 1970 exhibition “Living with Art” at the Ertl furniture store in Graz
Wall print
280 x 190 cm
Courtesy: Estate of Helga Philipp

Untitled, 1962–63
Foil, glass, screen printing, wood
40 x 40 x 6 cm
Courtesy: Estate of Helga Philipp

11/65: Picutre Helga Philipp, 1965
2'35'", loop
Stage director: Kurt Kren
Distributor: sixpackfilm Wien

Helga Philipp played with form and perception in her art. Based on a combination of positive and negative circular forms, her seating furniture can be appreciated as sculpture or used as furniture. The artist’s efforts to create different perceptual possibilities using simple structures of lines and planes is also evident in one of her pictures from the 1960s and in the experimental film that the Austrian avant-garde filmmaker Kurt Kren developed out of it.

*1939 in Wien/AT; † 2002, lived and worked in Vienna


Location: OÖ Kulturquartier (9)

Helga Philipp
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