10) Josef Linschinger

Terms, 2008 & Terms 2014
Video, 12', loop

Number Sequence
Mitte der 1990er-Jahre, fortlaufend | mid-1990s, ongoing
Series Primzahlen, Aleatorische & Fibonacci
Digital print on mirror glass, each 83 diagonally

Point, line, plane, space, volume, and time merge as moving images made up of text and planes. In the two videos Begriffe 2008 and Terms 2014, the constituents of art, i.e., its basic elements, appear as concrete text and become graphic planes. Concentric circles printed on mirror glass visualize in aesthetic images the sequence of prime numbers as well as an aleatory numeric sequence based on chance. Each number sequence reflects itself as well as those on the opposite wall, thus opening up an infinite space.

* 1945 in Gmunden/AT, lives and works in Linz and Traunkirchen


Location: OÖ Kulturquartier (10)

Josef Linschinger
9) Helga Philipp 11) Manfred Mohr