14) Marina Apollonio

Spazio Ad Attivazione Cinetica, 1966–2015
Kinetic Activation Space

Print on PVC,  585 cm

Filmato su Dinamiche Circolari
in rotazione, 1960

Film about dynamically rotating circles
Video, 21'32", loop

This oversized optical phenomenon can be viewed close up, but it is especially when gazing at the graphic pattern with its eccentric and concentric circles from above that it defies our visual capabilities, the black lines beginning to swim before the bright white background. This pioneer of Op Art also explores ways to deceive the eye in ­OPTICA 1960, a cinematic choreography of optical illusions.

* 1940 in Triest/IT, lives and works in Venice

Location: OÖ Kulturquartier (14)

Marina Apollonio
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