Guided Tours

Genereal guided tours:  
daily 5.30 p.m., without registration
meeting point: cash desk Sinnesrausch
Ticket for general guided tours (on top of entrance fee) 5,-
Children / teenager (compulsory schooling age till the age of 14) free
Registered groups:  
Entrance and guided tour ( up to a maximum of 15 visitors) 180,-
Each further person (up to a maximum of 18) 12,-
Pupils as a class with guided tour (for groups of 12 or more) 4,-
  • Guided tours last 70 minutes and will be held in all weather conditions.
  • In case of a cancellation at the day of the booked tour a cancellation charge of 50,- for each group will be set off.
  • Foreign-language tours on request.
  • On request we offer you cocktails and appetizer on the roof tops.
Registration :