Taking a tour through the exhibition is an exciting experience for the whole family.
Climb through a huge blue web, dance in the mist, or dive into a gigantic bubble. Children big and small can build, play, and experience together. By the time you’ve wandered through the various stations of the exhibition –point by point – you will have created your own personal art book.

Dot Dot Dot
Those who make their way through the individual stations of the exhibition—point by point—will by the end have created their own personal art book.

Every Sunday between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m., children and adults are invited to get creative together.

The following four modules will rotate:

Module 1
Thread games
We will make colorful line drawings on wood instead of paper. By stretching thread and fixing it in place, some great pictures can be created!

Module 2
The patter of littel puppet feet

We will design simple marionettes, making points and lines take a walk.

Module 3
Ooo - everything´s spinning around!

The tops spin faster and faster and our drawings become wild patterns.

Module 4
1,2,3 - It´s a face I see!

Can three dots make a face?! Today we will design our own mask made of points!


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